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Trophies for the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty of 2015

2015-08-29T20:00:59+00:00Dog Collars, News|

My leather dog collars are worn by dogs of all sizes in many countries, have been worn by a dog posing in a magazine, and a custom-text collar has even been used as a tool in a marriage proposal. This request was another unusual one.. I was to craft prize collars to go to the [...]

A Game of Thrones Belt; from the Astrolabe in the Show’s Intro

2014-10-02T23:59:37+00:00Belts, Leathercraft, WIPs|

Watching Game of Thrones (one episode every few days) has been part of our ritual for a few months. With our two year anniversary approaching, this was an obvious concept on which to base my gift to my husband. The gorgeous spinning Astrolabe in the TV show intro depicts the events from before the story [...]

Things I’ve learned from Leatherworking

2014-09-28T19:53:14+00:00Leathercraft, Lessons from the Workbench|

What have I learned from leatherworking? There's been a recent discussion at on just this topic. Here's my contribution:   You know how there's a "Mile High Club"? If you don't know about this club, you're probably either very young, from a different generation, or very naive. For leatherworkers, there should be a "Blood [...]

Ugh, it’s Blackfly Season! Here’s a Homemade Bug Spray Recipe for Dogs


In the Laurentides of Quebec right now, life has gone to the bugs. They bite a lot, they bite anywhere, and they bite hard. We resident humans need to douse ourselves with DEET before venturing outside to so much as start the BBQ. Blackflies, the bane of June! Unfortunately, I can't use DEET on the [...]

The Hobbit Plaque: Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold


Far over the misty mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old, We must away, ere break of day To find our long forgotten gold. The pines were roaring on the height, The winds were moaning in the night, The fire was red, it flaming spread, The trees like torches blazed with light. This was [...]

Which is the Best Leather Finish? Testing Waterproofing Capacity of Five Brands

2013-11-30T18:32:25+00:00Leathercraft, Reviews|

I collect leather products as most girls my age collect makeup. Despite having an arsenal of leather finishes, conditioners, dyes, and other goodies, sometimes I end up using the same product over and over again (kind of like wearing your favourite eyeshadow every day despite having dozens more in your drawer). I have five brands [...]

The Bats and the Bees: Dog Collar/Leash Sets

2013-10-29T22:52:21+00:00Dog Collars|

I received an interesting commission this month: two tooled leather dog collar/leash sets in bees and bat designs. These playful themes were fun to work with! The bat wings follow the same composition as the Wings Collar Design.. a great spooky theme just in time for Halloween! It took some thought to come up with [...]

Golden Scorpion Dog Collar

2013-10-06T21:26:51+00:00Dog Collars, Leathercraft|

This simple cabochon was so unique and inspiring, that I crafted a whole dog collar concept around it. It's a real golden scorpion which has been encased in a lucite cabochon.. just begging to be transformed into a wearable medium.. in this case, a scorpion dog collar. Lately, I haven't had much time to design [...]

Leather and Archery: Crafting A Leather Archery Bracer/Armguard

2013-10-06T21:27:26+00:00Lessons from the Workbench|

Legolas from Lord of the Rings is so sexy with his longbow, and I never thought I'd have the opportunity to shoot a bow myself, let alone own one. My husband is into the Archery hobby, and proposed that we explore it as a couple, using compound bows. Despite having our hunting licenses, we doubt [...]

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