Which is the Best Leather Finish? Testing Waterproofing Capacity of Five Brands

2013-11-30T18:32:25+00:00Leathercraft, Reviews|

I collect leather products as most girls my age collect makeup. Despite having an arsenal of leather finishes, conditioners, dyes, and other goodies, sometimes I end up using the same product over and over again (kind of like wearing your favourite eyeshadow every day despite having dozens more in your drawer). I have five brands [...]

Tool Review: Tandy’s Pro Lacing and Stitching Pony

2013-10-06T21:32:30+00:00Lessons from the Workbench, Reviews|

While I liked the leather tools I had before the fire, I have the unique opportunity in replacing said tools with better ones. Experience revealed the shortcomings to some of them, which I attempt to address in my replacements. Most of my replacements have been resounding successes for my style of crafting, although I had [...]

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