Super Mario Belt

My brother was thrilled with his birthday present! The belt depicted the final level in the Nintendo Super Mario game, the one where Mario finally rescues the princess (after many failures in other castles). He was speechless, and insisted on wearing it on top of his extra long T-Shirt. He was flabbergasted that it was the actual level, and began to point out to me where the secret blocks were on the belt!

I’m ecstatic that he loved his gift. Now I have to match that for my other brother’s birthday in February! He’s into League of Legends, so I’m brainstorming ideas there. My best option so far is to somehow incorporate the game logo in his belt, along with one or two of his favourite champions.

I’d love to sell Mario belts on Etsy, however I’m not quite clear on how copyright law works for such a product. A craftsperson could get into trouble if they try to sell a copyrighted product/image. I even had some of my own early digital paintings (as crude as they were) stolen and sold as mouse pads, so I understand why copyrights exist. I’ll have to ask around before I’ll venture listing something like this on Etsy (the pressure is already on from family who are also fans of the game!).