I received an interesting commission this month: two tooled leather dog collar/leash sets in bees and bat designs. These playful themes were fun to work with! The bat wings follow the same composition as the Wings Collar Design.. a great spooky theme just in time for Halloween!

It took some thought to come up with a technique to tool the honeycomb on the bee collar, though the final result came out very well. The technique would be a great topic for a future blog post!


Above, are the bat wings before they were dyed, and I was deliberating on what accruements to add to the center. I’d like to make this collar again in a different colour scheme using my newly-replaced airbrush (Badger Renegade Krome, a wonderful brush!), and add it to the Etsy shop. October has given me record-high collar sales, which hasn’t left me much extra time for new projects, though I keep a list of them on my whiteboard for future.