Trophies for the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty of 2015

Trophies for the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty of 2015

My leather dog collars are worn by dogs of all sizes in many countries, have been worn by a dog posing in a magazine, and a custom-text collar has even been used as a tool in a marriage proposal. This request was another unusual one.. I was to craft prize collars to go to the winning dogs in the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty of 2015 in Jerseyville Ontario. I LOVE SALUKIS (as my site and store name might suggest). What a unique opportunity!


The banner above displays all of the prizes I crafted for that day, which included five collars and twelve leather keyholders. The crown jewel is the collar that went to the Best in Specialty Saluki of the day: Ch. Sirhan Ziyadah Windstorm, pictured on the left. The collar was a bit tricky to craft: it’s a triple-layer filigree collar, where parts are cut away from the top layer to reveal the crinkled bronze goatskin beneath, and finished with a thin layer of vegetable-tanned leather for the lining. To best illustrate the spirit of salukis, the Arabic/Persian script for “Tazi”, which is the essence of “saluki” in the ancient past, was carved in the center.


Here’s a WIP (work in progress) of the Best In Show collar. At first I tried to craft the top layer with 6-7oz leather, but found it very challenging to cut the filigree. The final piece was cut from 4-5oz leather, which also brought down the bulk thickness of the collar. The final result is pictured below:


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