How to Make a Leather Belt Buckle

Crafting a leather belt buckle from one of the buckle blanks from Tandy is not hard provided that you have some basic leathercraft supplies and a little know-how. This is the first leather-covered buckle I've made, and I've photographed the steps to give you a tutorial on how it's done. The buckle made in the [...]

A Look into the Leather Workshop

I find it inspiring and informative to look up other artists' workshops. I can imagine them at their workbenches, toiling (or in my case, tooling) away to their favourite music, the hours soaring by, completely lost in their craft. Peter Main's leather workshop continues to inspire me! While I wait for the finish on my [...]

Fun with Fire: A Celtic Phoenix Collar

I've always admired Celtic designs, so when a request arose for a "not too girly" collar for a male poodle named Phoenix, I was thrilled to incorporate this style. The Celtic phoenix collar is the first project which features a gradient of colour dyed onto the design itself, in the form of the red to [...]

Nintendo Super Mario Belt Completed

My brother was thrilled with his birthday present! The belt depicted the final level in the Nintendo Super Mario game, the one where Mario finally rescues the princess (after many failures in other castles). He was speechless, and insisted on wearing it on top of his extra long T-Shirt. He was flabbergasted that it was [...]

Nintendo Super Mario Belt WIP I

Above is my first photo of a Super Mario belt work-in-progress: My earliest memories of my brother are of his silhouette jumping up and down in front of the TV. He was 5 years old, playing a Super Mario game on Nintendo. He jumped every time his mustachoid hero jumped, on his quest to rescue [...]

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