I’m excited to bring my leathercraft hobby into its own website! I started with a little shop on Etsy and had a surprising amount of success within the first month. Esty is just an online marketplace, however, and it didn’t take long for me to get the itch for something with more functionality. I wasn’t thrilled with most available WordPress themes until I came across Photocrati, and so far I’ve been impressed with the theme’s built-in features. While at some point I may sell my creations exclusively on SalukiFeathers.com, for now I’m opting to keep my Etsy Shop as it brings in a good amount of traffic and handles the marketplace functionality.

While I was learning my way around leathercraft, I was surprised at the lack of information and instructional videos online. It seems that leathercraft techniques are a closely-guarded secret by most craftsmen. This is really a shame, as handmade leather goods have become something of a scarcity, leading folks to buy factory-made leather goods with little to no personality. I endeavour to post YouTube videos of my process here for two reasons: my customers may be interested to see the process by which their handmade collar was made, and videos of some of the techniques I’ve gleaned over time may help demystify the leathercraft process for fellow leathercrafters.