I’m Flattered… My First Copycat!

2013-01-05T22:12:57+00:00Business Discussion|

I love browsing Etsy for dog-related things, especially those related to sighthounds. This morning, I did a double-take when I happened across a very familiar collar, but recreated and posted by a new seller of one month. The copied collar was my Wings Leather Collar with Crystals, pictured below: I'm not going to call out [...]

SalukiFeathers Comes to WordPress!


I'm excited to bring my leathercraft hobby into its own website! I started with a little shop on Etsy and had a surprising amount of success within the first month. Esty is just an online marketplace, however, and it didn't take long for me to get the itch for something with more functionality. I wasn't [...]

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