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Filigreed Dog Collar With a Metallic Lambskin Rolled Edge

2013-10-06T21:31:58+00:00Dog Collars|

Whew, what a mouthful of a title! I was itching to try something new on a dog collar, and this project was a first for many techniques. I had a great deal of fun, and my fingertips are covered in a film of superglue that I think will take days to wash off! 1. Rolled [...]

Crafting a Hand Sewn Dog Walking Harness


My young dog has no respect for his collar on lead (we're working on that!) and he tends to pull on the leash, attempting to drag me to every squirrel, bush, or neighbour that strikes his puppy fancy. On walks where I just want to get to the mailbox and back without being in "training [...]

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